Kernel panic mac os x 10.7

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It would be almost not annoying if it was automatically rebooting, hence the question. Open the Energy Saver pane in System Preferences.

Kernel panic

There's an option to Restart automatically if the computer freezes , if you check that you should get the behaviour you desire. Note that there are two tabs in Energy Saver—one for when you're on battery and one for when you're running from the power adapter; make sure you set it for each state you want. I don't know if something changed on Mountain Lion, but I no longer have the checkbox to restart automatically if the computer freezes.

If I'm using it in clamshell mode, I can press any key on an external keyboard to restart immediately. Running this as root does the trick:. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Automatically reboot OS X Ask Question.

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Asked 7 years, 1 month ago. Active 1 month ago.

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Viewed 2k times. Is there a way to set up Mac OS X Automatically rebooting after kernel panics might be a bad idea if you get many of these. You might even be caught in a reboot loop, God forbid. When I am caught in the reboot loop I will get a new computer. Sep 19 '12 at Does kernel panic qualify as freezing?

That's why I've chosen the Terminal emulation category. But this assumption might be wrong. I don't know what additional diagnostic information might be of interest, but I'd be happy to provide them. Comment 3 akae UTC I was not aware of your link. Looks similar, although I've never encountered this issue during system shutdown.

Possible Kernel Panics with Rane Sixty-One with OSX Mountain Lion – Serato Support

As a workaround user can try to use an external terminal need to choose it in project properties. And finally it turned out that the problem was caused by an application called Little Snitch I use an application called Little Snitch, which monitors network addresses called from your machine. This was causing kernel panics in Lion but has now been fixed.

This software was never installed on my system. I've used Alexander Pepin's workaround since reporting this problem back in July and haven't encountered a single kernel panic ever since. But it came back immediately after switching back to the default settings a few minutes ago.

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Marking new bugs as a duplicate of this, which was misleadingly marked as SOLVED, will definitely not fix the problem. Or intensively uses cpu? What FileSystem you are on? Is it local or remote run?

Mac OS X Lion Kernel Panic

And what if run your application instead of ls? But in any case.. I don't think is a problem of intensively use of cpu. I write program that resolve alghoritms problem on number or charachter. The program use the fstream library but I think that the problem is when I add more cout in my code. Can you help me to see what FileSystem I'm on? I think it's run in local. Do you think that I've to run netbeans on virtualmachine? Excuse me for my English.

I'm from Italy.

Fixed kernel panic OSX Mountain Lion

Thank you very much.