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Step 1: What Is a Mod?
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This will take you directly to the Mo Creatures landing page for your version of Minecraft. Select the option to download and save the Mo Creatures. This page features download links for Custom Mob Spawner, which is another mod required to use the Mo Creatures mod.

Scroll down and click on the download link for your version of Minecraft. Select the option to download and save the Custom Mob Spawner. Navigate to the Minecraft folder on your computer.

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These files do not need to be unzipped or extracted. Close and relaunch Minecraft. Select the option to launch Mo Creatures. The mod has now been successfully installed on your system.


Make sure you download the correct versions of Forge, Mo Creatures, and Custom Mob Spawner for your version of Minecraft if Forge or the mods fail to work correctly. All files must be compatible with your version of Minecraft for the mods to work as needed. Try upgrading to the latest version of Minecraft if you continue to experience problems installing Forge and other mods.

In some cases, your version of Minecraft may be too outdated to use with some mods.

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Update to the latest version of Java if Minecraft crashes repeatedly or displays a blank screen after installing Forge and Mo Creatures. Now I know it was quite a while ago we wrote something about Cobalt. That is becuase the guys have been working hard on putting all them nuts and bolts into the right places and now you can play Cobalt on your Mac!

About time some would say, but we are really happy with this :. I know that kinten and vraket have been working like crazy lately and it is finally paying off. The level editor has gotten crazy new features for you map creators and tonnes of bug fixes. And we will soon have a video of what more they have been working on the adventure mode, this one is going to be epic!


Mo creatures how to install mac

For full change log and what more has been worked on, please visit this link. Also note, as already stated on this blog a couple of times, this update requires a new launcher. Download the launcher here:. This version will officially be released Monday, July 1. Big thanks! Scroll down about 30 lines for the changelog!

Mo' Creatures not working? : feedthebeast

Bug fixes. Fug bixes. I use to have it working but now its not letting me play because this file is crashing my game. Well i found a couple of problems with 1.

Plus they fixed the spawn amulet and u cannot spawn in Zorses. Please help i cant do anything. Is it a folder on my laptop?

Vivecraft for mac

Or Forge??? Plz help! Did you ever get an answer to this. Mine is doing the same thing. They get a conflict error randomly while we are playing and get booted. When we remove this mod the issue resolves. Anyone have similar issues. This is a really good mod with good sounds. That happens to me, too. It really sucks because I would like to see the animation and give my kitty something to do other than hit me.

Will this update? This will not work with the newest version. This looks like the best animal mod, and it would go perfect with my realistic texture pack. I have tried a tutorial and everyone says it has worked except for me. I think someone should get the mod for the mocreatures mod working again. I really love this mod! I need help pls! Requirements are not correct. Minecraft Mods Minecraft 1.

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Sunday, November 3, Minecraft Mods. Enigmatic Legacy Mod for Minecraft 1. Rats Mod for Minecraft 1. Horror Movie Monsters Mod for Minecraft 1.