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  1. 1 TB Disco Rigido Esterno 2.5 " USB 3.0
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  4. 1TB External Hard drive USB high speed for WIN PC MAC XBOX ONE PS4 DY | eBay

Well , you have to decide. Want to use the high power charger port? That means you now have an expensive hard disk that is also a power adapter So , back to USB hub mode then.. The usb hub works fine , but no high power charging port for you billy-boy! So , you try to be smart and plug both USB and firewire in. Well , it turns out you can;t do that bit either. The manual even warns you explicitly not to do this In short: Throw in an extra 10 bucks for a high power charger and a usb hub and you end up at That's where it ends.

And then there is another annoyance: This damn thing keep sending USB message to wake up the computer. Put the computer in sleep: I cannot get my mac to go to sleep correctly 27 inch iMac model.

TRE ottimi HARD DISK ESTERNI per tutte le esigenze! - Migliori HDD esterni • Ridble

Unplug this box: Plug it back in , sleep don't work Someone at iomega needs to kick their hardware and firmware designers. It's not 'rocket surgery' a crossbreed between brain surgery and rocket science: I ordered this in late October of , and by the end of January, , it was broken. Out of nowhere, it simply shutdown.


1 TB Disco Rigido Esterno 2.5 " USB 3.0

There was no opportunity to salvage anything. Since it was still under warranty, Iomega sent a refurbished replacement they will only replace your drive with a refurbished model, NOT a new one! Upon arrival, the refurbished drive didn't work. Disk Utility detected errors, which it was unable to fix, even when I went through various techniques while working with someone from Iomega. Instead, what arrived was another refurbished drive.

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And guess what? Yes, it didn't work, either. To sum up, the initial, new drive only worked for a couple of months, then died. Two replacement drives were sent, both refurbished, and both dead-on-arrival. If you're into these kinds of nightmares, then by all means, buy one of these.


If not, look elsewhere. Dont buy this item, Iomega 3TB. I ordered another one, Amazon sent it the next day and it was the same thing, the box says 3 TB but the PC says 2TB and Iomega confirmed that this item is boxed incorrectly.

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Take your chance in ordering it if you like. I am disappointed in Iomega. They used to be so good in the past. Now I have to look else where for something faster that matches my Imac setup. The Box and serial number labeling on these units are incorrect! Also, the second unit that I receive, the top cover was kind of lifting up to one side a little. I pressed on it and it popped back in place. Scegli per Categorie.

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1TB External Hard drive USB high speed for WIN PC MAC XBOX ONE PS4 DY | eBay

Caricamento in corso. May 12, 8: May 14, 5: May 14, 8: In your original post May 12 you indicated that one of the 2. You tried other enclosures with the same result disconnect by it self. May 14, For example, now working I stopped, because I change cable read your post now reconnect and macbok don't see it: I think to buy a new external hard disk in apple store, if I have problem with it, I send all to support to test USB port, if working the proble was the case. Hard disk esterni non riconosciuti More Less.

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