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  1. The state of switching to Windows from Mac in
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Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. Contact the vendor for additional information. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Before you begin To prepare for a smooth migration: Make sure that Windows is up to date. Make sure that you know the name and password of an administrator account on your PC. Or connect an Ethernet cable between the ports on your Mac and PC to create a direct network connection. You can reinstall OneDrive after migration is complete.

The state of switching to Windows from Mac in

Command Prompt opens. At the prompt, type Y , then restart your PC. Repeat this process until the check disk utility reports no issues.

If the utility can't fix every issue that it finds, you might need to have your PC serviced. Then migrate your data to your Mac. Open Windows Migration Assistant, then click Continue. Start up your Mac. Setup Assistant automatically opens the first time you turn on your Mac. On your Mac, follow the onscreen prompts until you get to the migration pane of the assistant. When prompted, enter an administrator name and password. Click Continue to close any other open apps. In the migration window on your Mac, select your PC from the list of available computers.

Then wait for the PC to show the same passcode that your Mac shows. When both computers display the same passcode, click Continue on your PC and Mac. Your Mac scans the drives on your PC to build a list of information to migrate.

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When the scan completes, select the information that you want to migrate to your Mac and click Continue. Learn about some of the data that you can transfer. If you have issues moving your data Quit all open apps on your PC, then try migrating your content again. For example, you can press Alt-Tab to choose an open application, then press Alt-F4 to quit it.


If your PC doesn't appear in the Setup Assistant or Migration Assistant window on your Mac, make sure the computers are connected to the same network. You can create an network by connecting a single Ethernet cable between your Mac and PC. If that doesn't help, check for firewall software on your PC and turn it off. Apple doesn't currently force any upgrades on anyone, plus they make security and privacy a top-down, front-facing feature.

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Best of all, you can run Windows 7 in a virtual machine , access UNIX through the Terminal, and otherwise have every major platform all on the same machine, all right at your fingertips. I've been testing AirPods Pro for a week now and have had them firmly set in my ears for 4.

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Here's what I think of them. If you're no fan of Memoji stickers you might be able to disable them soon if an iOS Skip to main content. Forums Shop Toggle Search.

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Give it a try. It'll restore your delight in computing. Pro-ify everything Are the Airpods Pro Apple's best new audio invention? Give me some space! Dev Center.

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