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Search this Guide Search. Mac Support: Font Issues: PC Make sure that you choose fonts that will be "standard" font types on a PC.

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Font tools dafont. Google Web Fonts Google provides a free directory of open source, web-friendly fonts that can be used on your computer or the web. Free Font Converter This free, web-based application allows you to convert between many font formats and works on any operating system including Windows, Mac and Linux. Type Connection - a typographic dating game Learn more about font pairings and the keys to making a good match.

Mac Support: Fonts: Mac vs. PC

Metaflop's Modulator - font design tool This free web tool allows you to design your own fonts and download to use on your computer! Last Updated: Feb 23, Report a problem.

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Facebook Facebook. This font format has been around since the s and is the most common type of cross-platform font.

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Mac and Windows PC Fonts

Therefore, a Mac TrueType font will need to be converted to the Windows version in order for it to work in Windows. OpenType -. OTF file extension. OpenType font files are also cross-platform and are based on the TrueType format. They merge all the necessary components required for Macintosh and Windows files into a single file.

The Macintosh components which includes the.

Are Macintosh and Windows fonts compatible?

AFM file and the Windows components. PFB and.

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PFM files are all included in an OpenType font file, which means you can install and use the same font file on both Windows and Macintosh computers. PostScript - Mac: SUIT or no extension; Windows: This format was developed by Adobe and is used to ensure accurate representation of fonts both on screen and in print.