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The preferred setup for all audio computers makes use of at least two hard drives.

One drive, the system drive, will only have the OS and all applications installed on it. All data will be saved to other drives. This prevents the system drive from becoming too full, and allows for faster transfer rates for your audio files, thus increasing track counts. Full system drives run much slower than their clean counterparts because there is more data to search through when trying to find application files, and there are fewer open spaces to write files.

External hard drives are becoming very popular because the data can be easily transported to a different computer. Whichever type of hard drive you opt for, make sure that it has a minimum speed of 7, RPM revolutions per minute. Drives running at 10, RPM are ideal, especially when running large sessions over 24 tracks.

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Slower drives may not be able to keep up with the demands of recording and streaming audio. You should always research your model to see what speed hard drive is included in your MAC for optimal performance when used for recording.

Video of Mac Optimizations. App Nap Settings.

Speed Up your Mac

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Click the Network icon. Uncheck AirPort if available. Click Apply Now. Quickly find files, apps, books, movies, and other items that are taking up space, then manually delete items you no longer need.

Trim Enabler

See Find and delete files. When space is needed on your Mac, macOS also clears caches and logs that are safe to delete, including temporary database files, interrupted downloads, staged macOS and app updates, Safari website data, and more.

Easily Clean Up Gigabytes of Junk on Your Mac

Note: If your disk is partitioned, recommendations apply to only the partition that contains your home directory. See available storage space.

"optimize" notification on MBP?? | MacRumors Forums

Recommendation Description Store in iCloud Helps you store files from your Desktop and Documents folders in iCloud Drive, store photos and videos in iCloud Photo Library, store messages and attachments in iCloud, and optimize storage by keeping only recently opened files on your Mac when space is needed. Optimize Storage Save space by automatically removing Apple TV movies and shows that you already watched and by keeping only recent email attachments on this Mac when storage space is needed. Empty Trash Automatically Automatically erase items that have been in the Trash for more than 30 days.

Reduce Clutter Quickly find files, apps, books, movies, and other items that are taking up space, then manually delete items you no longer need.