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The next window will let you set a few more specific options, like the ability to automatically apply a label to the message. Give your new label a name—something that applies to what it does makes the most sense, but you can do whatever you want here. Just remember it for later.

This will make it easier to see everything for the new filter in one place: under the new label you created. Sorry, everyone else. If you have multiple email addresses signed in on your phone, select the one where you just created the new filter and label. Otherwise, it will notify you for the first message, but only display silent notifications for all following messages.

If you also categorize them under a label, you can review them at a later time by selecting that label. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. - How to get Gmail Categories in macOS Mail app? - Ask Different

Have you had this experience as well? I just tested, and it does do that. It makes sense that the latest email would get an updated date, as it's like forwarding that email to the receiving account, but I'm not sure why all the rest of the entries in the conversation get updated. I'll see if I can find out why that happens! I am in the process of setting up multiple accounts. I don't know how easy it is to set up mail boxes yet.

Because of my experience with mail clients failing at some point, or the server won't deliver to some mail clients, and not to others for a period of time, I need to have my mail backed up in various places to be bullet proof. I was hoping to find a mail client to use on both iPhone and the MacBook Pros that i have.

FCC bans spoofed text messages and international robocalls

I'm still waiting for someone to design a mail client as robust and flexible as Eudora. If you did not use it to it's full capacity over a period of years, it is hard to understand the robust capabilities I have Eudora on another computer running Snow Leopard just so that I can find the mail I need, but I can't trust that old computer to do run the art applications because it is too small HD. Funny to see someone mention good ol' Eudora. Love of my email life. People have absolutely -no- idea of what they are missing with this mail client.

Of course - if you don't live, breath, eat, and die by information, then it doesn't matter. Cost enormous amounts of money to make, was built insanely well, and had capabilities that are no longer existent or even understood. All of these current clients are missing robust search functions that let you sort and search years and tens of thousands of emails in an intelligent and refined way.

This is critical when you need to pull out old information with just a single possible keyword.

Want To Use Gmail Priority Inbox With IMAP? Tough Luck

It's a crazy thing to do, but for some of us, our email boxes are like mind maps - like cybernetic memories. And Eudora dying is like a burnt out chip implant in our brains - unupgradable, unfixable, debilitating and painful - since no one was -capable- of building anything like it with a cheap 'freemium' biz model. How the hell did email become so depreciated that nobody knows what a real email client could actually be capable of? Apple mail is almost worthless.

I understand this, as Apple leaves real client software efforts to real developers.

But it seems building something the magnitude of Eudora is not something a few 20 something devs using github, grubhub, Soylent, and caffeine can pound out in a few sweaty equity months, so we have toys that are bought and killed by Acme MegaCorp if they remotely start to function. Craaaazy man I would not have discovered MailMate without this article.

I just downloaded the day full trial. I gotta say I really like it. It automatically set up and downloaded 8 mailboxes based upon what I had in Mac Mail. I'm reading the "instructions" my only questions is can I download earthlink mail as well like I can in Mac Mail. This is a really really fine mail client. I'll give a few a try Very unreliable. I have spent months trying to get it to work and it will not. I use MacMail as it will download both Earthlink and gMail So I'm looking for a mail client to use as a backup for my gMail mail.

It goes to the iPhone but not Mavericks desktop. This is very frustrating as I backup my Hubby's mail on my Mac and now his Google mail has been lost several times and I have no backup. One that never fails and for me -- I hate stars, personalities, and all that garbage. DropBox is owned by relation to Bush Thank goodness I never gave up my Earthlink emails almost 20 years for that stupid free gMail as they keep blocking my downloads when I have never asked for that and it seems almost impossible to get them running again.

It worked for a year and then nothing. No matter how many times I delete an account, change the password, etc. I totally agree that someone needs to come up with an awesome client—as I've mentioned numerous times in the article and the comments, I love Airmail, and it keeps getting better. But I think there's still a lot of room for improvement, and email clients are definitely ripe for disruption can't believe I just used that phrase. Gmail's Inbox is a great example of thinking about email differently, and if more people start thinking that way, we could definitely see some big improvements in how we deal with email clients.

I hope you find a good solution—be sure to keep us posted! Geez, I guess desktop email apps are just out of style on Windows and Mac. I'm not crazy about any of these. Worrying about privacy in Mailbox is like going back into a burning house to see if you left the oven on. I've come to really like Airmail, and I'm hoping to try Mailbox in the near future, but I can see why you're not super impressed. Most of the functionality is easy to get from a browser window; I just like to be able to do some of it offline and to not keep an extra tab open.

Also, if apps were priced based on how much of the code was developed in-house, pricing for pretty much everything would be WAY different. And a lot of companies would probably be out of business, leaving us without a lot of fantastic apps. Why not just simply use Apple Mail app?? It has a nice interface and handles multiple email accounts nicely and does all the cool things you seem to like works flawlessly in the Mail app.

In my experience, Mail isn't great with Gmail. One big feature that it's missing is the ability to apply a label to an email in the inbox. In Mail—at least last time I checked—if you put an item in a folder, it would disappear from your inbox. In-inbox labelling is one of the things I like most about Gmail.

I actually really like the Gmail app for iOS, but I'll definitely be trying the Airmail one when it comes out! You know, I think I tried that when it was Gmail for Mac.

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I wasn't super impressed, only because I could have just opened a new browser window and achieved the same effect. Do you use it? Do you like it? I'm curious as to what advantages it offers!