How to resize photos on a mac

Step 2: Open iPhoto and import photos.
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  2. How can I resize and rename photos using iPhoto / MAC? – Nixplay Support
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  5. How to Quickly Resize Photos on a Mac

Photos used on websites and social media services are much smaller and much lower resolution than the images that are saved from cameras and phones. Many can take photos up to 16 megapixels and these are around 5, x 3, pixels.

How to resize an image using Preview

That't great if you want to print poster-sized images, but the images on this web page are closer to x pixels, which is one tenth of the dimensions. Photos on Facebook and Instagram are bigger, but not that much bigger and certainly nowhere near the size cameras take. Images that are too big may be automatically shrunk to fit the browser window or web page. This can affect the quality and it is best if you resize the images yourself so you have more control over the size and quality.

If you are posting photos on your own website, uploading raw images taken on your phone or camera will make the site very slow.

How can I resize and rename photos using iPhoto / MAC? – Nixplay Support

I have seen web pages with half a dozen photos, each of which was around 2MB. The total page size was around 12MB and took forever to load. Some people won't wait for slow web pages and will go elsewhere.

You'll lose visitors. Camera photso are huge and the images make websites very slow.

How to Resize Photos on Mac Using Preview App

It is even worse when people access your site on a mobile phone. Preview on the Apple Mac is a useful tool with many functions. One of these is for preparing images for the web. Before sharing photos on social media or your website, you should prepare them in Preview. Sometimes more than one size is required, depending on where or how you post them.

Instagram : Images are mostly square and x pixels is a common size. However, tall portrait shaped images are also acceptable and these can be x Facebook : The large image at the top of pages is x pixels.

How to Create a Resize Image Service in Automator

Images in other places, such as the news feed, vary. Twitter : Images should be no more than x pixels. Pinterest : Images are best shot in portrait orientation with a resolution of x pixels. There are many more sizes of images and it gets very confusing. Take a look at the multitude of optimum image sizes at this site. It is mind boggling! Fortunately, social networks and even many websites will automatically resize images.

This means that provided you are close to what is needed, it will usually look pretty good.

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Look at the site or social network and see whether a landscape, portrait or square image is required. It is an application which not only helps you to resize images but it can also help in bulk rotating and changing format of images in bulk. What you will love about this application is that it shows you preview of the images you can add and remove images even after you have added them to the application. Some websites demand prefix or suffix for images the application also allows you to add that in a batch of images which makes it the best image resizer for Mac.

This is how you can resize images on your Mac without losing quality. These easy tips and tricks will help you in resizing images quickly. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Deepak Saxena , Resizing through e-mail: If you are looking for a faster way to resize images, then email can help you.

How to Quickly Resize Photos on a Mac

Using a website to resize image: There are so many websites which claims to resize the image without losing quality. Using an application to resize images: If you find it difficult to resize images using above methods or if you have a large number of images to play with then you must go for a third-party application. Select the image you wish to resize. If the image you want to open is associated with another program like Photoshop , right-click the image file and mouse over "Open With" and choose Preview from the list.

To adjust the dimensions of your image, you can set a custom height or width, or constrain your image to fit into common sizes.

What is Resizing?

Keep in mind that you will want to keep your image proportions locked so stretching does not occur. You can also adjust the resolution pixels per inch that your photo contains. Adding pixels does not necessarily mean you will have a higher-resolution photograph, however, and some distortion can occur when resampling.

How to Resize a Photo on your Mac laptop or Computer

Also keep in mind that higher-resolution images are bigger files. Preview is also a great tool for doing all kinds of other simple adjustments on images. If you need to take out a background on an image, you can use Preview's Instant Alpha feature to quickly and easily complete the task. The Instant Alpha tool is located in Preview's tool bar, under the Select menu. Once you have the tool selected, click on part of the background you wish to delete and begin dragging. The red overlay that appears represents the area that can be deleted. Drag until the space is covered and let go. Press delete on your keyboard and the area will be removed.