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OP Junior Member. Rio de Janeiro. Join Date: Joined: Nov I've tried without luck. It gives me: "Failed to detect compatible download-mode device. I have been using Odin with it. No problem for me. Also you can try Virtualbox but im not sure about good usb support. After installing virtual machine, you should install drivers on virtual machine. Join Date: Joined: Oct Heimdall and VMware Fusion with Odin worked for me. I recognized successfully my Galaxy S I Maybe you're right, it can be Lion's problem. Junior Member. Join Date: Joined: May Thanks Meter : 3, Be prepared for a very long wait.

Few people post here these days, and as you've already said, this issue remains. I've given you a solution, you can either avail yourself of it or live with the problems you've currently got they won't be solved anytime soon given it's been 3 yrs since this phone was released. Subscribe to Thread. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

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Twrp 3. Android General. Miscellaneous Android Development. Android Software Development.

Nella versione 1. Se stai facendo una build per emulatore , you need to pay attention to these issues:. First, note that you shouldn't use the x86 emulator — it is hard to install and not well supported. Next, the build-system for the emulator builds both 32bit and 64bit versions of the emulator. As the emulator depends on OpenGL, this means that you need to have both 32bit and 64bit versions of OpenGL libraries installed on your system. See the discussion in bug If your linux distro has multilib packages for OpenGL libraries, you can attempt installing them.

You might then have to manually create some symlinks. For example, here is the situation on Ubuntu On this distribution, the libgl1-mesa-dev package cannot be installed simultaneously in x and i versions, but you can have the following combination of packages simultaneously installed:. After having run this command, you will still have to manually create some symlinks for the emulator build to succeed:.

This will cause the B2G emulator to only attempt to build the 64bit emulator if you're on a 64bit system, thus avoiding any multilib issues. The 32bit emulator is unused anyway on a 64bit system. This is the simplest solution, until this patch eventually bit-rots. This section lists the commands you need to run in different Linux distributions to install all the requirements for building Firefox OS.

How does it work?

If you'll build for the "Flame" reference device or Nexus 5, run the following command in Terminal:. In addition to the emulator build issues discussed above, the compiler will default to gcc To fix this, you will need to specify GCC 4. In a fresh Ubuntu The following commands fix it:. With Ubuntu You must tell your Ubuntu system that you want to support bit packages as well:.

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You will need to specify GCC 4. If build fails with the compiler complaining about not finding libmpc.

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  8. B2G can only be compiled with gcc4. You will also need to add the following to your. By default, Arch Linux uses Python3. You'll have to force it to use the old python2. You can do that by linking the python2 executable to python but this is discouraged and considered error-prone. This will also break python 3 if it is installed on your system. Android will complain that you need make 3.

    You can download make 3. This will install the make Unfortunately the aur build is broken, but you can still download the Java 6 SDK and install it manually. You will then need to put it in your path. You will need to install ccache , a tool for caching partial builds.

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    Because ccache is known to frequently cause support issues, Gentoo encourages you to use it explicitly and sparingly. To enable the required use of ccache, on the subsequent step of this guide where the. If you are building B2G for actual physical hardware, then you may at some point also wish to generate some partition images for upload to your device. Gentoo has support for the very latest ie. Note: You will also need kernel patches if you want to mount YAFFS2 images, but this is not really required since you can deconstruct and rebuild them instead. In order to generate such an image, simply change to the parent directory of the partition filesystem tree you wish to package, and issue a command like this:.

    We also discuss common errors you might come across in particular situations, and solutions to those.

    You'll need to use Linux to build B2G for this device. XCode 4. You need to install Xcode's Command Line Utilities. Xcode 4.


    When you install Xcode, make sure to go into Preferences, then the Downloads panel, and install the Command Line Utilities. In addition, make sure you have at least 20 GB of free disk space. You do not actually have to be running Lion, you just have to be compatible with it. You can, however, build any Firefox OS build on many older Macs.


    Download Odin Flash Tool for Samsung Galaxy Devices

    Note: XCode 4. Please install a newer version. If you're also working on flatfish, please make sure any of XCode 4. This will pull and run a bootstrap script that makes sure you have all the prerequisites met to build the emulator. It will also prompt you for permission to install anything you're missing, and provide warnings and suggested fixes to problems. The script will check for and install the following items:.

    If you have already upgraded to Xcode 4. By default, Mac OS X ships with a case-insensitive file system. This is problematic because the Linux kernel has a number of files with the same name, but different case. In many cases you can run the build just fine; for some platforms, however, you may encounter the following error:.