Installing mac os x from disk

Choose your way to clean install Catalina
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You will be asked to choose your language, and then the Welcome screen will appear. Click the Continue button to start installing. Choose your installation type.

How to create a bootable macOS Mojave USB Install drive [9to5Mac]

Click the Options Choose the process that meets your needs and click the OK button. If you choose this, you can also choose to preserve your user and network settings.

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This is not recommended if you are experiencing issues with your current installation of OS X. Any programs you had will need to be reinstalled after choosing this method, or they may not work properly. All data will be erased, so ensure that everything important is backed up. This is the recommended option as it will solve most issues you were experiencing, and gives the best performance.

Choose the destination. If you have multiple hard drives or partitions installed in your computer, you can choose which one you want to install OS X on.

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The amount of space on the disk and the amount of space OS X requires will be displayed. Select the hard drive you want to install to and click Continue. Make sure you don't install onto a Recovery or Storage drive. Choose the software you want to install. The installer will display a list of all the extra software packages that will be installed with OS X.

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If you don't have a lot of hard disk space, you can deselect some of the less-important files by clicking the Customize Expand the "Print Drivers" section and deselect any of the print drivers you won't need. Expand the "Language Translation" section and deselect any languages you won't be using. Start the installation. Once you have chosen your extra software options, you can begin the installation of the operating system. Click the Install button to begin.

How to Perform a Clean Installation of macOS 10.15 Catalina

A progress bar will let you know how much time is left during the installation. The installation process is automatic once it begins. Your computer will reboot when the process is complete.

Set up the keyboard. The first thing you will be asked to do after the computer restarts is to set up the keyboard. Follow the on-screen prompts to detect and setup the keyboard. Set your region and keyboard layout. After the keyboard has been detected, you will be asked to set your region and choose your keyboard layout.

If you take the computer traveling often, set the region to your home region.

How to Install Mac OS X From an External Hard Drive | It Still Works

Choose whether or not you want to transfer data. Since you performed a clean installation, there will be no data to import. You will be copying your old backed-up files over later.

Formatting Your USB Flash Drive

Choose "Do not transfer my information now" and click Continue. Enter your Apple ID. If you have an Apple ID, you can use it to log in. This will sync your settings with your other Apple devices. See this guide for details on creating an Apple ID. Entering an Apple ID is optional.

You can also choose whether or not you want to register your software with Apple. This can help you if you need to get official support. Create an administrator account. The administrator account is the account that has permission to change system settings and install software.

If the computer is yours, enter your name in the "Name" field, and a nickname in the "Short Name" field. Oftentimes users will simply use a lowercase version of their name in the "Short Name" field.

Your Short Name is used to label your Home directory. It is very difficult to change your Short Name later, so make sure you're happy with it. The administrator account needs a password. You can add a password hint if you'd like as well. Start using OS X. Once the Setup Assistant has finished, you're ready to begin using your newly-installed operating system. You will need to reinstall any programs you had before, and you can copy back your old backed-up files to your User folders.

If your computer still has an operating system installed, then you can download the Mac OS X Mountain Lion software from the Apple Store to your computer.

Mac OS X Installation Basics SATA Drive

Once the software has completed downloading, force-quit the installer and then locate the Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion application package in the Applications folder. Right-click on the application and select "Show Package Contents. Copy the file to your Desktop for later use. Connect your external drive to your computer. Open Disk Utility by opening your Applications folder and clicking on the Disk Utility app within the Utilities folder. Once you've set all the options, click the "Erase" button.

After you have erased the external drive, drag the InstallESD. Click on the disk image to highlight it and then select the "Restore" tab. Drag the external disk's icon to the Destination field, then click the "Restore" button. Start your computer with the external drive connected to your computer. Hold down the "Option" key while your Mac boots. Holding down the Option key provides you with a list of bootable drives.