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  3. MAC Select Moisturecover - Nw20 by M.A.C - Shop Online for Beauty in Australia
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Is there a big difference between NC and NW? Kari1 New member. I would say in general NC's vary in how yellow they are I am an NW Please make sure you get a sample first Hope I haven't confused you too much! Claire84 New member.

Select Moisturecover

It's more of a neutral tone. It isn't a huge difference, but it can change how you look.

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Darkness New member. I'm similar to you and don't like the yellowness.

MAC Concealer Select Moisturecover - NW20

NC always seems to make me look jaundiced in photos or too tanned looking. Aside from undertones, the NW20 will be a bit darker than the NC Shadowy Lady New member.

I found out that I had a NC15 in my closet, unopened, so I tried it. It looks good, not as yellow. My foundation always made me look "sick" and kinda yellowish LOL I got matched up and got the right shade in NW finally last Feb. Can you go in and get the MA to match your skintone? The packaging is a little tube. The coverage , I would say is medium to full coverage. What I like to do with this Mac concealer, is to use it as an eye-shadow base, it erases all your veins or blemishes.

MAC Select Moisturecover - Nw20 by M.A.C - Shop Online for Beauty in Australia

The last Mac concealer that I tried was the Select Moisturecover. It feels really light but still has a good coverage. But you have to be careful when you pick-up your color.

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They are way more dark than other concealers. I had a bad advice from the seller last this time. I mentioned that I used the NW20 at this time, I asked her to check out if she thought it was the right color for me.

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  • MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer (Various Shades);
  • A hydrating liquid concealer with medium buildable coverage and a natural finish..
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Mac is an expensive brand, and when I pay more, I expect to have good advices and not messy advice like I had in London last time. Now I have to use a white base to make it lighter to can use it….

I was a bit surprised to notice that all Mac concealer in the shade NW20 were not the same color. Why does MAC named them the same way if at the end they are not the same color? And what about you?

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